Should the model change?

Determining the rate of change is impossible in a market that isn’t sure what to call itself as it flips from one descriptor to another. 

At Cannes 2018, the brands held the stage, calling out agency models and the need for  fresh thinking. This mirrored comments made in the weeks prior by Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever, when he voiced concerns with regard to the ‘old fashioned’ approach agencies still employed to securing services.

Weed on agency services: “The world has moved very fast and in my experience, the agencies haven’t moved fast enough.”

The current debate in the integrated arena centres around our role and purpose – not least how that best connects with our friends in procurement. What is clear, however, is that we must be more transparent in the way we want to be paid for thoughts, ideas and output.

Transparency is the word used most often amongst the Mission Element team as we re-think and re-purpose traditional roles to ensure clients do get the value for money they expect and with measurable results to boot.

ISBA have recently employed Ebiquity to assess all industry measurement schemes to look at effectiveness and attribution; to lay bare the method (and possibly the madness!) behind communication channels. Ritson’s Arse recent exposé of influencers tells a rather sorry story of how money talks within this particular channel.

However we approach the next stages of what to call ourselves, we should be in no doubt that measurement and transparency will factor heavily alongside creative excellence as the backbone of great marketing campaigns. 


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